Specialist Equipment


Cleverdogs was introduced by Modern Dog Sports as an exciting display featuring two dogs racing over identical courses of Agility and sometimes Flyball equipment. It uses specialised Agility equipment such as wingless jumps, short tunnels and scaled down dogwalks which all save space and with which the dogs soon familiarise themselves. Details of the equipment are on the Agility page and for rules or more information on the sport please contact us.


Dogstable Course

A fun obstacle course that is safe for dogs of all shapes and size and does not need prior training. It is ideal for 'Have a Go' events, fund raising, and demonstrations. For further information contact us.



Dash 'N' Splash

Unique to Modern Dog Sports, we already have airborn dogs jumping well over 20ft. We are a company able to provide pools, training aids, filtration equipment, staging, guardrailing - infact everything you need for the perfect canine pool party. For further details contact us.