Flyball Equipment

With experience gained by racing at the highest level Modern Dog Sports has succeeded in designing a range of ALVAH boxes that have set the standard for performance and reliability.  They cater for every level and have outsold all other manufacturers.

Whether it’s just for fun or for top competitions where that split second really counts ALVAH has the equipment for you.

ALVAH manufactures Flyball Equipment using the latest design and material technology.  All ALVAH boxes use a unique trigger mechanism specifically manufactured for the purpose by the company. 

All ALVAH equipment complies with the BFA (British Flyball Association) and NAFA (North American Flyball Association) rules and regulations where necessary.

The prices are correct as of 1st August 2008, in pounds sterling and do not include delivery or VAT.   For further details please contact us.


Boomerang Flyball Box
Flyball Training Box
Boomerang Flyball Box
Training Box
Flyball Jumps
Can Am Box
Flyball Jumps
Can Am Flyball Box