Company Profile

Management Design Services (MDS) Ltd. was incorporated in 2002. Prior to this date MDS had operated as a trading division of a Property, Building and Construction Group. Its principal activities are as follows:


MDS continues to have its roots in industrial property management, design, and refurbishment. This provides a sound base for all other activities.


MDS manufactures specialised products principally for the pet trade under the brand name of ALVAH which was the brainchild of Martin Pollard who founded the company in 1988. He pioneered light, well designed agility equipment and went on to introduce dedicated electronic timing for the sport. He remains very much part of the organisation acting as a consultant. The name of ALVAH is now synonymous with modern, well designed products using the latest materials technology.

Promotions, Exhibitions and Displays

MDS has worked with large event organisers, international manufacturers and suppliers together with PR, advertising and media companies for the last ten years. MDS provides a wide range of services from product launch support to quality arena displays.


MDS has a 20 year pedigree in major show involvement and has used this to establish and promote its own brand of family orientated shows run on a national basis. Professional management and specialised services provide well run events whilst promotional and media expertise will ensure great exposure.